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Undoubtedly someone reading this is a relative of mine who just doesn’t know it yet. I’ve discovered that it is a very big world when it comes to inter-related families. Everyone has thousands of Great Grandparents and probably millions of blood cousins. It’s all pretty incredible when you start thinking about it.

Recently a fellow named Eric Spudic, who works at Retromedia, turned out to be a distant cousin of mine. So I guess it DOES happen...

I have always been fascinated by genealogy, family trees and what-nots. Constructing my own lineage has been a great hobby and very rewarding if for no other purpose than the enjoyment it gives me to dig around for old records and discovering the many cool people that comprise my family’s history.

I'm delighted to be a cousin of writer H.P. Lovecraft and Jesse James. I'm not sure if they'd feel the same way...

Notable Grandparents and Cousins

Edward I, King of England
22nd Great-Grandfather

Henry II, King of England
23rd Great-Grandfather

John, King of England
24th Great-Grandfather

Emperor Charlemagne
38th Great-Grandfather

William the Conqueror
27th Great-Grandfather

President Ulysses S. Grant
6th Cousin (5 times removed)

First Lady Laura Bush
9th Cousin (twice removed)

Countessa Elizabeth Bathory
14th Cousin (16 times removed)

Princess Diana Spencer
22nd Cousin (once removed)

President John Tyler
5th Cousin, (5 times removed)

H.P. Lovecraft

Orson Wells                                                                                       8th Cousin

We’re also cousins of Civil War icon, Col. John Moseby and Movie cowboy Roy Rogers (through his Womack roots).


Family surnames connected to mine are mostly English and/or from the Virginia and New England colonies. Most notable families we descend from in America include THOMAS MINOR, WALTER PALMER, Dr. RICHARD PARKER, WILLIAM V. ADKINS, RICHARD KERWOOD, SAMUEL RAY, MOSES WHEELER JONES, and Lt. WALTER CHILES.

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