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So much to catch up on I'm not even gonna try... but here's some pertinent updates...

Busy year filmically, THE LAIR Season 3, airing right now on here! Tv... a 13 episode season this year... 28 episodes in all so far and with vampires dominating the media these days I'm hoping for Season 4!

Shot AMERICAN BANDITS: FRANK AND JESSE earlier this year with Peter Fonda (pictured below), Jeffrey Combs, Tim Abell, George Stutlz, Ted Monte and a slew of other great actors. It was fun to return to the old west!


Also filmed TURBULENT SKIES with a stellar cast headed by Casper Van Dien, Nicole Eggert, Bad Dourif and Patrick Muldoon. Another airline disaster film for me (my fourth!) and looks to be a good one!

I directed on the new BUCK ROGERS pilot with Gil Gerard, Erin Grey and Bobby Quinn Rice in upstate New York (Ticonderoga), and am developing some new projects right now.

Kim line produced WOKE UP DEAD for Sony's www.crackle.com with Jon Heder (NAPOLEON DYNAMITE) and SEINFELD's Wayne Knight. It's a webisode series and is doing very well.

We produced MEGACONDA with Greg Evigan and Stella Stevens. My son Christopher Ray directed this one after doing such a nice job on REPTISAURUS last year. We're very proud of what he has accomplished.

On a sadder note, my mother, Joy Kelley passed away earlier this year at the age of 72, along with Uncle Bob Quarry. Only my sister Pat and I are left.

Son John Alan Ray and his wife Stephanie managed to visit California and they continue to be a source of joy to me.

And in a weird life imitates art moment I have been connected (finally) with some members of my family who were completely unknown to me. Through a freak meeting on a movie set via Chris we have met up with actor Bobby Ray Shafer, my second cousin, and several other cousins and great grandkids of my g-grandfather, Byrd St. Clair Ray.

What a way to end the year!

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